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His Heart, My Art

by Judy Reno

This site all started with a recent vision and a call to follow my gift in what I believe God instilled in me at an early age.

I remember sitting at the kitchen table and mom setting up a bowl of plastic strawberries and told me to paint them. She was trying to get some housework done and this was a way to engage me. When I thought I was finished, and void of any criticism, she went on to teach me to “see” it differently and to paint what I was actually seeing. Everyone has a tendency to draw or paint what they “think” they are seeing.

This was the beginning of my desire to create art through any and all mediums available.

Recently my mother went to be with the Lord and the call became even greater.

I knew this is what I truly should…and wanted to do.

Whether this was Divine Intervention, and I believe it was, I called several local Houston artists, teachers, studios and met with all of them.

Then a friend called and literally told me she wanted to commission me to do artwork. She gave me money to buy supplies and start my journey. The rest is history.

So..that’s the short story. As I continue to blog please add me to your subscription list and whenever a new update occurs you will get it right in your inbox.

And don’t worry, I never sell or give your name away.

Thanks and God bless ya Big!